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B.A. (Hons.) 1972 University of New South Wales
Ph. D. 1977 University of New South Wales
Publications (selected):
Turner, L W and Witt, S F 2009, Asia Pacific Tourism Forecasts 2009-2011, Pacific Asia Travel Association, Bangkok, Hard Cover.
Reisinger, Y and Turner, L W 2003, Cultural Tourism : Modelling Tourism Behaviour , Butterworth Heineman, London.
Berenson, M L, Levine, D M Krehbiel, T C, Watson, J Jayne, N. and Turner, LW 2009, Basic Business Statistics : Concepts and Applications, Pearson, Sydney, p. 713, 14 Chapters. Direct contribution Chapters 11, 12, 13 and 14.
Journal Articles
Smyrk, L Turner, L W and Qiu, L L 2006, Automobile Market Preferencing in China, Research on Economics and Management, No.1, pp. 76-80. (in Chinese)
Turner, L W Vu, C J and Witt S F 2006, Recovery Marketing after Tourism Shocks, AIEST, International Tourism Research and Concepts, Keller, P. and Bieger, T, (eds.), ESV, pp. 35-49.
Vu, C J and Turner L W 2006, Europe versus Asia – Future of Tourism Trade, Oxford Journal, Vol. 5, No. 1. pp. 67-72.
Chartrungruang, B Turner, L W King, B J and Waryszak, R 2006, Customer Satisfaction, Training and TQM: A Comparative Study of Western and Thai Hotels, Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism, Vol.5, No. 1, pp. 51-75.
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Vu, C J and Turner, L W 2006, Asia versus Oceania: comparative net shifts in tourist arrivals, Tourism Economics, Vol. 12, No. 4, pp. 519-529.
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Vu, C J and Turner, L W 2009, Comparative Net Shifts in International Arrivals to Vietnam 1995-2005, International Review of Business Research, Jan., Vol.4, No. 1.
Osti, L Turner, L W and King, B 2009, Cultural Differences in Travel Guidebooks Information Search, Journal of Vacation Marketing, Vol. 15, No. 1, pp.63-78.
Vu, C J and Turner, L W 2009, The Economic Structure of World Tourism, Tourism Economics, Vol. 15, No.1, pp. 5-21.
Turner L W 2009, Oman Tourism: An International Perspective on International Tourist Arrivals, Omani Journal of Applied Sciences, Vol.1, No. 1, pp.54-62.
Keynote and Invited Papers
Pacific Asia Travel Association 55th Annual Conference, Pattaya, Thailand, April 23-27, 2006
Asia Pacific Tourism Forecasts to 2008
56th Congress - International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism, August 27-31, 2006
Recovery Marketing After Tourism Shocks
The Consumer Beahaviour in Tourism Symposium, Brunico, Italy, Dec. 11-13, 2008
A Conceptual Model of Tourism Consumer Behaviour
29th International Symposium on Forecasting, Hong Kong, June 22-24, 2009
Regional Forecasting of International Tourism Demand
Subject/Course Development whilst at Victoria University:
Undergraduate Studies:
BEO1106       Business Statistics
AE234        Quantitative Decision Making
AE231           Advanced Statistics
BEO2283       Applied Regression Analysis
BEO2381       Business Decision Methods
BEO2254       Statistics for Business and Marketing
*BEO2284     Business Forecasting Methods
 *BEO2258    Economic and Business Analysis
BEO3352       Business Decision Analysis
BEO3360       Tourism Geography
BEO3361       Tourism Economics
AE253           Econometrics
AE531           Computer Forecasting and Planning 1
AE532           Computer Forecasting and Planning 2
AE244           Economic Geography
BEO3341       Transportation Economics
BEO3431       Strategic Decision Making for International Trade
These subjects have undergone several number and name changes
Masters subjects:
BEO6704    Tourism Economics   (1988-2001)
MBA       Quantitative Analysis BGP6501
MBA       Operations Management BGP6508
MBA       Research Methodology    BGP6512
MBA       Strategic Management and Business Policy BGP6511
Doctoral subjects:
DBA       Quantitative Methods 1 BGP8600
DBA       Quantitative Methods 2 BGP8601
Professional experience:
Specialised training and consulting experience in quantitative
computer applications in management Science, Tourism Forecasting, and studies in Tourism Culture.
Joint Editor, Tourism, Culture and Communication.
Editoral Board Member: Tourism Economics
Journal of Travel Research
Professional membership:
Member Travel and Tourism Research Association (USA)
Member International Assoc. Of Scientific Experts in Tourism (Europe)
Member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism
Research interests:
Cultural Studies in Tourism Tourism Economics Tourism Forecasting

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